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8.5 - 290 kVA CAL / CALG Enclosure

The compact modular design of the 8.5 – 290 kVA CAL and CALG enclosures ensure optimum performance in the harshest of environments. Designed on modular principles, they have interchangeable components permitting on-site repair. Lift off doors and access panels provide optimal service and maintenance access.

Extremely durable and robust, the enclosures are designed to resist corrosion and handling damage with the ability to withstand rough handling common on many construction sites.

Developed through continuing research and development by our specialist engineers, all FG Wilson enclosures are fully weatherproof and incorporate internally mounted exhaust silencers.

The sound attenuated CAL and CALG enclosures reduce sound levels to comply with the stage II levels of the European Community Directive 2000/14/EC, effective from 3 January 2006 (F9.1 to F290).

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